Hayam Wuruk Office Tower, Jl Hayam Wuruk No 108, 6th Floor Unit G

We Provide Best Technnology

Military Equipments

We provide the best military equipment in its class, we also work with
government and private agencies

The Best In Class

We as authorized distributors of the best brands in the world such as Teledyne Flir, TERMA and PRG Defense to meet the needs of the best military and defense equipments

Land Systems

The best land defense system for various defense and military needs that can be relied on in all terrains and conditions

Soldier Solutions & Out Door Tactical System

Various military equipment needs and the best outdoor and tactical system needs can be applied to various military activities

We Are Ready to Support You

With More Than 15 Years Experience, our commitment is to provide the best and high-tech visual defense and security products in order to fulfill your necessities.